Interesting People Series – Part 2

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      Part 2 of my Interesting People Series features Arthur Culbreth, a crossing guard in Philadelphia, PA.


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      The look of the footage shot in the studio is great! The constrast between his skin and beard is amazing!


      I think the opener is a little jarring and out of kilter with the rest of the video. Everything else was really laid back, but the opener was mechanistic and loud, just a thought…

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      The video fully encapulated Artur's  personality and outlook on life. I was left in no doubt this is a guy that would be a hoot to meet and to taste his cooking would be something else. The crossing guard story was well told. I found it held my attention from start to finish. 


      The best editors always make the best story tellers. 


      I only recently disovered a 94 year old neighbour who on a whim in 1941 joined the army and 7 months later found himself in a Nazi POW war camp in Poland where he celebrated his 16th birthday.  He  had never spoken to his family about the war, but at 94 yeas of age he seemed relieved to finally be able to tell the full story. I think his family then came to understand why he was that way, for the last 67 yeas since 1945


      Since that shoot I find myself seeking out older persons, where I continually find great stories





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      I really enjoyed your interview of Artur.  I grew up in Philly and had fun recognizing the streetcorners.  Agree with Aaron, great look of the studio footage.  Also agree with Aaron about the opening scene … maybe slow down the time lapse a bit; ease into the slower deliberate pace of the interview?

      Thanks for posting this!


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      Thank you for your feedback. If you would like to check out my Interesting People Series-Part 1, it is about a Philadelphia artist.


      I think each one is improving, and with your feedback the next one can only be better. The intro is for my company, which is loud and mechanical overall.



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