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      I have a D800 and I've been in the market for a new camcorder to replace/upgrade my dead HV20. I want a camcorder form-factor because I hate DSLR's for "run-n-gun and general handheld shooting. I'll probably get the XA20 but after reviewing hours of sample video on Vimeo and Youtube I can see that it suffers from "tiny sensor syndrome" – too much DOF, not enough dynamic range.

      So I think most of my shoots will involve some of each – handheld shots with the XA20, and tripod or slider mounted D800 for shots where I want to control DOF or where there's lots of highlight or shadow detail I don't want to lose.

      My question: How hard will it be to mix these together in post so that when I transition between them in the final production the effect isn't jarring to the viewer?  How hard will it be to get them to grade alike, and what else will be necessary? The XA20 can't do 4:2:2 – will that make this a lot harder or impossible?

      Thanks in advance

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      PL – my camcorder and DSLMs are all Panasonics, so the colors match pretty well (even when the bokeh doesn't). 


      Canon and Nikon color science is pretty different, though.


      Couldn't find any direct comparisons of the XA20 and the D800, but here's a side-by-side of the older Canon XA10 and the D800 that you may find helpful:





      This is probably a pretty good analogue for what you're going to get with the XA20 and the D800. The image quality and color from the XA10 and XA20 are very close, as seen here (starting at 4:31):








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      Thanks, I "get" that they're going to be different – that's why I posted my question:  how easy is it to fix in post?

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