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      eager to learn

      I’m interested in creating an instructional video to show how to tie nautical knots.

      Every YouTube video, animation I’ve seen (tons!) jumps just as the instructor gets to the hardest part of tying the knot so you miss what they did, even slowing the video down.

      With my Canon DSLR camera, what adjustments/settings should I consider so viewers can slow or pause the video (if necessary) to see with great detail each step in the knotting process?

      Thank you!

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      If I were creating this tutorial I would create still-frames of each step of the process. Shoot rope “A” passing over rope “B” slowly — not in slo-mo but with deliberation — then cut to a series of stills that illustrate exactly what you’re doing. Using different colored ropes can be helpful too, or use your software to colorize parts of the rope.

      Also, having done quite a few of these to demonstrate fly tying, I find you’ll get best instructional results if you shoot from behind and over your right shoulder. Doing this allows the student to see exactly what you’re doing from your point of view — i.e., from the knot tier’s view point.

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      eager to learn

      Hi Jack,

      Thank you for your suggestions. You may have a point about deliberation. Where your hand(s) and finger(s) are precisely located at which angle(s) dictate the precise technique. I learned to tie a tie standing next to my mom and following her precise steps slowly as she spoke and corrected my technique as we went along. That may also be accomplished as you note by shooting over the right shoulder as we go along. I’m thinking of contacting the Coast Guard to see if they would show me knots and ask if I could capture those movements with my Canon DSLR and then donate the photos to them for training, etc.

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