Instant streaming video page for sharing videos with clients. Would it help?

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      Hey guys, Would love your opinion on this. Recently, we've run into a problem when sending clients video files. We use wetransfer and other FTP software to share video projects.
      The problem is it takes long and believe it or not, sometimes the client is like "I can't open this" or even worse, they approve and then just take the file, without paying or without it being a high res version.
      So what we created was a simple online app where we could simply drag an .Mp4 file in the browser and then it creates an instant online video page with the video streaming, viewable in any browser and mobile. Then we just send the link to the client. On the page it says "Approve" and "Comments" if they want to send us feedback.
      The reason we don't use Vimeo and Youtube is only because we have to control the branding on the page.
      So I'm wondering is this something I should open up access to for other video creators?
      Does anyone else find this useful beside us?
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      I would find this very useful for event videography. I have a situation right now where I will be covering a competition for figure skating and the parents and trainers want to see the videos ASAP. The problem is, there is no easy solution. Right now it's just putting each performance on a DVD and hoping they have a DVD player.

      If the videos were available shortly after a performance, and they could use their smart devices… that would be awesome. The only concern I have is how I could lock down the performances. 

      I guess ideally there would be one location and they would need a password or code for their individual performance (which they would get after purchase).

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      Is it one master video or videos for each parent? They won’t be able to take the file because it will only be streamable online.

      I have the system set up for our own work. Would you like to email me and continue the conversation. If I understand the full scope I can tailor it for you.

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      I just sent you an email. 

Viewing 3 reply threads
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