Inserting a Live Game Clock into Football and Basketball Productions

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      Can anyone explain how to insert a live game clock into a Football and/or Basketball Production? Please let me know. Thanks!

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      Are you using a Tricaster?

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      A Tricaster is basically a broadcasting station, where you have multiple inputs.  I believe it has a time clock function.  Yes, they are expensive.


      You have me confused.  Will you be streaming a game?  Here is the link to some of Premiere Pro's plug-ins:


      A cheaper way to go would be to use a second camera, focused on the timeclock.  Put this camera over your main timeline, reduce the size to what you require and place it where you want it. 


      If it's not sports you're displaying, is it timecode?


      I hope this helps…

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      I am sorry Ed.


      I saw the question and thought of a video I could use a stop watch type timer to see how long something lasts.


      Thank you for the link to the plug ins.


      I guess If I really want I will have to use your idea of filming a Timer.

      Thanks for the help.


      I am saving up but can't afford a broadcast station yet



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      To Dovetail – please provide more info, is this for a LIVE production or doing it in post-production? Vague questions get vague answers, sorry.


      For Barry, in Premiere you can use the "Timecode" effect to superimpose a counter on screen with various options for size and position.


      For LIVE production, the new TriCaster 40 is more affordable at $4995. That is not inexpensive for a hobbyist, but for paid gigs, this type of gear can pay for itself quickly. Accepts 4 live camera inputs, SD or HD (mix and match). Also accepts 2 computer inputs via network connection, has built-in DDR for video playback, and has 2 DSKs for titles (down stream key). Also offers live internet streaming, recording of program, transitions for video and titles, keying incl. Virtual Sets and more.


      As suggested, aim an extra camera at the scoreboard and TriCaster can position, scale, and crop that image to show just the timer wherever you want it on screen. Optionally, the LiveText 2 software can accept inputs from many types of scoreboard systems and that data (time, score, etc.) can auto-update your live titles!


      For live work, at a minimum you will need some kind of switcher that does PIP to insert the shot of the game clock/scoreboard into main video, but TriCaster is a really awesome solution that does so much more than a traditional switcher.




      Jeff Pulera

      Safe Harbor Computers

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      Thank you Mr. Safe Harbour


      Nice to get advice from a pro.


      I will try out the Timecode effect.


      Thanks again


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      You're welcome Barry. I should add that the Timecode effect gets added to a single clip, so that doesn't help you if you have multiple clips in the sequence. What you can do is nest your sequence into a new sequence and apply Timecode there and then it is applied to the whole works.


      You could also create a transparent video clip and put that above your sequence and add Timecode to it to apply to longer videos in the original sequence, different ways of accomplishing same results



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      Wonderful Instruction.


      I like various options.  I recently learned about putting a video clip above my main clip.  I was trying to learn about Picture in Picture and figured it out.


      I was making a silly hopefully funny video ( it has got good comments on youtube) of how long I could last in a freezing cold shower and used my waterproof camera for closeups that ran in the corner occasionaly.

      I will try adding the timecode to that clip as it runs 11 mins.

      I normally like to do short narrative videos


      Somethings I can't figure out and appreciate your assistance immensely



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      Hi Ed,


      I'm sure both of use would like to know what Tricaster is.  I did a search and came upon a company that sold the Tricaster 455.  Which looks very expensive.


      I have Premiere Pro CS6 and am interested in putting a running timer that counts forward in the corner of a video.


      Perhaps I already can,  I haven't found the right search terms in the help section


      Do you have time for a short explanation


      Thank you




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      Thanks for your reply! I am looking for the lowest cost/highest efficiency way to Post-Produce the games and insert the running game clocks.


      Your answer helps and as soon as I get enough for a TriCaster I will definitely make the investment, however, until then I am still researching the lowest cost/highest efficiency way to get it done.


      If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Thanks. 


      PS: I am using Premiere Pro/After Effects

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