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      Hi all, 

      I'm doing my Masters in Digital Media but recently feel in love with film. It's been a bit of a life long passion of mine that I never pursued but recently I've have to direct and create my own video. I was just wondering what you guys thought – . I'm a bit up in arms about ditching my career but it feels right. This is my first film and I really don't know whether or not I have the eye or time sensitivity to be a good director…. I welcome all constructive criticisms. 

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      Luis Maymi Lopez


      You did an excellent video. Lighting, camera angles and effects are great. It really doesn't look like someone first film. Personally I don't enjoy this type of films. Don't take me wrong yours is beautifully produced, I just like things simpler, preferably with dialogue. But that just me.  
      "I'm a bit up in arms about ditching my career but it feels right."
      Honestly don't ditch your current career. Filmmaking is an incredibly hard business, with a lot of competition. You will probably not get any income at all from it because there are so many aspiring or veterans filmmakers out there that getting your audience is incredibly tough. To pull it off you need to move heaven and earth, starting with working free, helping others in their productions, etc. You got talent with camera, editing, lighting, but there are hundreds of others beside you. My personal take on this is to just keep making films in your spare time and meet people that do it for the living. By doing this you will experience first hand how hard the filmmaking business is. Is not impossible to succeed, but you need to work four times more than all the others. Is fun and definetly a challenge, if your up to it go for it. 
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