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      Our church is looking for a Digital Camera or Camcorder with and HDMI out for sending a video signal to an overflow room.  I am thinking of a digital camera that sends the video without having to record the service.  I know camcorders have that option but I am opting out for a digital camera because of the HDMI port location.  Most camcorders have the HDMI port inside the pop out view screen. Looking at a price range of $300 – $400

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      you might not have to money for a real DSLR or a higher quality video camera but I've been testing a Fuji Finepix HS30 exr, its an advanced point and shoot camera that shoots 16 megepixel stills and 1080 30p video, has the HDMI port in the side of the body, and although I haven't tested

      for a live feed I am quite happy with the still and video it renders, I know that both Nikon, and Canon have similar cameras, this camera has Fuji glass with a 24 mm to 720 mm lens f2.8 to f5.6

      lens. I used this camera for a video I'm working on for my church. I have seen this camera on B&H

      photo for $280.00, And works well enough that i wouldn't hesitate to get a second one

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      Hi pj – sadly, very few non-camcorder digital cameras have "clean" HDMI out (e.g., without some sort of graphic overlay of viewfinder information – see this chart).  My Panasonic GH2 and GH3 cameras output clean HDMI, as do the Nikon D800 and Sony A99, but these cameras are all your budget limit.  If you have the time, you may be able to buy a used GH2 on eBay for $400, but you will have to find just the right auction.


      Hope this is helpful,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      Thank guys for your responce.  The PowerShot-SX50-HS is actually $380.00


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      I have a GH2 and other cameras with HDMI out.  One thing not mentioned is how strong the signal is out of the camera and how long it will go on the cable.  I remote operate 3 or 4 cameras from 50 ft via cables and the GH2 would work fine with short cable, but not with a long one, like my 50 ft.  I had to get a splitter/amplifier.  It creates 2 HDMI feeds from one and amplifies the signal; now I can send signal down 50 ft, and have another monitor attached to the camera.  Or you can send signal wireless, but for HD that's expensive.  For wireless, I would look into the less expensive standard definition output via adapter from your camera (virtually all cameras have this), with RCA plugs, and send that via wireless feed to remote monitor.  Be careful of interference, walls, and distance; try before you buy.  The splitter/amplifier comes with AC adapter, but I use a small 12 volt battery attached to camera (via 15mm rail system, or hang it on tripod) so camera and accessories are totally self-contained.


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      I am looking at 3-6 feet to a Kramer Video switcher.  HDMI, VGA input to VGA, CAT6 output approximately 130' to a flat panel TV.

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      You could buy an older model like a Canon Hv-20 or HV30.  Many people are getting rid of these little cams because they are HDV, but the low light performance isn't too bad on them, and they do have HDMI directly out of the back of the camera.  And they really are good little cameras.  I'm 95% sure that you can get the HDMI signal to come out clean through the menu, but I will try to remember to check tomorrow and let you know.

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      Basically, ALL video camcorders with HDMI will provide a CLEAN output. May have to change a menu setting, but they all do it. I'm not talking about $99 play things, or helmet cams or other oddities, but actual VIDEO camcorders like Sony, Panasonic, Canon, they are all going to put out a clean HDMI signal. And I do own the Canon HV-20 and yes the output is clean.


      It is only the DSLR cameras that are questionable, as many have cropped images, reduced resolution, and/or overlays that cannot be removed from the image.


      As it sounds like the church is looking for a stationary camera, not sure why a DSLR would be a consideration, just go with a regular video camera for that purpose. DSLRs are primarily for stills and have many limitations when it comes to video (lack of zoom, autofocus, sensor overheating). 



      Jeff Pulera

      Safe Harbor Computers


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      Jeff has a great point.  DSLRs aren't the most reliable choices for a 1-1.5 continuous shot.  I know you don't want to spend much but a modest video camera with the ability to zoom remotely would allow you to do minor framing changes… to zoom out to see the choir for instance.  In time, you could add a simple remote head to allow pans.

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      I'm looking for a DSLR that can do both HDMI clean video output, and takes decent photos? any suggestions ? I'm looking at SONY A7R but is it worth my money ?


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      To Levio McLaren,

      I have an A7RII and I love it. But it truly depends what you want out of your photography. Packed with many modern technologies that rival Canon & Nikon branded cameras severly lack. Wifi, the ability to see your exposure as you're taking the shot. Focus peaking is a massive advantage when you consider the Sony a7 series cameras can host almost any lens ever created. If you already have a lens collection all you need is the camera itself and some adapters to your lenses (very affordable & easily found on the internet) and you will still using all your favourite lenses on an incredible image sensor with class leading dynamic range and plenty of resolving power at 36mp.

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