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      We are looking to replace 3 wall mounted cameras for our sermon recordings.  The church sells the DVDs and is looking to post videos online with live streaming coming later this year.
      When I say replace what I mean by that is somebody sold the church surveillance camera instead of the correct cameras for recording a sermon.  We are a small church, under 100 members and have a small budget but the quality of the video is the talk of our area so I maybe able to talk to the board members into the "correct" equipment just not the top of the line seeing what these types of cameras cost.  
      There are 2 cameras that definitely need replacing because they film the service.  Help!!!
      P.S. Whilst I'm asking how about a good video editing software?  We are running Windows8 and are going to need to sync video and audio with the current setup.  Would like to simplify that.
      Thank you for any help you can give.
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      hello again madambutterfli, depending on your budget I would pick either some good used camaras From B&H photos used department,  you can get some decent equipment fo less mony there and the Fuji cam I told you about does include an hdmi out, a usb out, and a componet out so it can be streamed to what ever device you get. regarding software for editing Sony Vegas has several versions both pro and amatuer versions the best part is some of their better amature software has most of the tools that come in the pro version and works great on windows most editing software will give you the ability to sync audio and video. live streaming will involve some expensive equipment and software, it might be hard for small congregtion to come up with the money fast for that. Consentrate on getting good cameras and a decent editing software and get used to using those tools before you invest in streaming equipment, you'll also have to talk to the IT person in your church about getiing the church set up for live streaming .

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