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      Hey everybody,


      This link is to an indiegogo campaign a few fellow students, and I, started a day ago.


      I'm not here asking for your money, rather, I'm looking for feedback on the campaign, and the story, as we have presented it. Thoughts when you see the campaign? Any blatant flaws? Things we should work on fixing, in your eyes? Any input is good. It's early in our campaign, and the pre-production of this series, so there's time for change, and improvement. 


      Our plan is to focus on action, as opposed to dialogue, and really work on building tension into the script in a variety of ways, keeping things interesting, even in lesser moments within the overall storyline. Easier said, than done, I know.


      Also, we're aware the trailer had some flaws. More content is in the works to add to the campaign, to show better quality, which we're capable of, and to give some insights into the main character.


      If you feel inclined to share the campaign, all the better. But any input this community has is what I'm interested in most. Thanks!

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      From what I can tell, it's not a bad campaign.  You might have some luck with this project because the subject matter of survival is pretty socially relevent right now thanks to shows and movies like The Walking Dead, etc.  But I think the 1 minute teaser in the video is a bit weak because you don't show very much happening and the video quality itself isn't so great.  If you can show some more content that would be good.  Even just stills of locations or something to use as b-roll over interviews to cover the cuts between interviewees.  People want to know what they're giving their money to.  You have NESCom's entire EDC at your disposal, right? 

      Good luck.


      Tom O.

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      Curious.  How did the campaign work out? My friends at are just starting to build their Indiegogo strategy and are open to feedback and suggestions in order to to give it the best start possible. 

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