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      Okay here’s my dilemma. I was updating my resume reel, and I have a lot of footage that I have shot in 4:3 standard definition over the past year with the local community cable channel (for example I just shot the local Junior A Hockey Team’s home opener this past Sunday) and there were a couple of shots that I wanted to incorporate into my resume reel. Unless you create a show yourself and shoot with an HD camera, the mobile truck and it’s camera’s are still set for Stanadard Definition broadcast, so these shots are not 10 or more year old shots. These are only 2 day old shots. (Also the channel itself is only 480i SD.)

      So my question is, how do I implement this footage into my resume reel. In the past I have incorporated 4:3 footage in by upscaling two copies to 1080p, zooming one in to 16:9 and applying a Gaussian blur, the other I just leave in 4:3 and place it over the 16:9 one, and try to create a fake widescreen, with just the center in focus. The other option I’ve tried is cropping the image to 16:9. Suffice it to say, SD Is never going to look its greatest upscaled to 1080p, and both options, either having two copies placed on top of each other or cropping do not look the best, but what would you suggest for including 4:3 SD footage in a 16:9 HD resume reel?

      Here’s a link to my recent resume reel where I cropped the footage:

      Here’s an older one where I doubled the 4:3 footage

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      You could use a background color/graphic/motion and overlay your clips in 4:3. Use text and titling to tell the story. Post a disclaimer up front about source of video and specs of equipment used.

      If you send prospective employers to YouTube, consider a new channel with just your ResumeReel listed in case you don’t want them to view all of your videos.

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      Actually I have a link to my YouTube video on my website, so potential employers see it through there.

      I guess I could post a disclaimer on my webpage as well letting them know.

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