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      Hey Guys! I just got into video producing a few months ago. Currently I'm shooting 4k with a Pixel 2 and a DJI Osmo+ and editing with premier CC.

      One issue I am reallying stuggling with is the render times… I feel mine are excessive and I can barely watch the playback with the slightest filter on it or the playback begins to get choppy. Transitions and blur or color adjustments are barely even playable without first rendering the section.

      • Here are my cpu specs:
      • Windows 10 64-bit
      • intel i7-4790 3.6ghz 8 core
      • 16gb ram 4x4gb 1rx8 pc3L-12800u
      • Seagate: ST2000DM001 2TB 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s
      • NVidia 1080ti gpu


      Also it takes about an hour just to fully render a video that is only about 5-6 minutes long at H.264 1080p.

      I guess my first questioin is.. what is a good rendering speed? What is the best stuff I need to get there?

      Also as a side question.. I am having issues getting files off of my micro SD cards.. the card and reader are rated for 90mbps but im only getting ~30mbps when moving files.

      Will Getting an SSD hard drive and a newer i9 cpu inprove rendering speeds?

      Thanks guys! 



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      Hi Mike. One thing you might try immediately is using proxies while editing. This will give you low-resolution files to work with on the time line, then convert them back to full resolution for rendering. GoPro Studio should provide you the tools to do this. I don't use Adobe, but Sony Vegas, which I use, allow for the creation of proxies when new source material is imported and I imagine Adobe must do the same.

      If that doesn't help you might consider a computer with a bit more "umph"

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      My edit machine is slower in processor speed than yours and my render speed is quite manageable.  First thing is to try one of the online processor speed tests that check how fast your machine works. I'd guess that your drive isn't using its full speed, I did this on a previous computer when I simply put it on the wrong Sata socket on the motherboard. How many monitors are you running? Have you tried the on board monitor and disabling the video card to see if the performance suffers which it should. Check the drivers of the nvidea card and have you double checked the card is on the approved list? 

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      You have 1 of 2 problem, either cude hardware accerlation is not enabled inside premiere or your editor meaning your computer is rendering with the processor. Or your hard drive is slow and bottlenecking your system. For reference I use SSD which 3x the speed of my entire system in every thing it does.

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