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      Hello, dear Participants and dear Judges.


      I am T. Mihalcea, part of the MTA Entertainment team (a group of 2-3 people who love challenges, filmmaking and a combination of these two). We are currently just beginning to enter the world of short-films, and we thought that the best way to start off is by tweaking our editing skills a little.


      "Improve your color" is the theme, and this is the result:



      We filmed in the center of Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania. The sky was cloudy and the light was weak. Best chance to improve the colors!


      Thank you for watching! Comments and critique is greatly appreciated!

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      Overcast sky’s are treacherous for creating a 'bluish' cast to a scene.

      In some cases this is acceptable and bluish cast evokes a desired 'cool' or 'cold metallic' feeling.


      Always color correct before shooting using a white card or any surface that is white, large enough to fill your viewfinder when viewing – then press your ‘white-balance’ button.


      After the shoot, if colors appear dull and washed out because of incorrect white balance, 

      I use Sony Vegas Pro 11 editing software to correct color.


      One can select the scene needing color correction, manually adjust in still or real time or use the convenient 'eye dropper'. Placed strategically upon any part of the video scene which contains a 'white spot', click 'correct', the entire scene is automatically color corrected causing all colors to appear vibrant and natural.


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      Thanks for the tips, mr. Craig! I am eager to try out the "eye dropper" tool and the white card trick.

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      nice one !

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