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      Hello, I am new to this. Don’t have too much experience in videoagraphy. I am trying to import a video from my sony HDR FX-1000 in a m2v file.
      Prior to Dec 2015 I had been importing lots of videos and they were being imported as m2v files with 1440 x 1080 frame. Don’t know how that was done. I have been using pinnacle 15 for a long time. In Mar. 2016 I imported a video and it imported as mpg file with 720 x 480 frame. I imported again one of the mini dv that I had imported prior to Dec 2015 and this time it imported as mpg file with 720×480 frame. The quality of the m2v is much better than the mpg. How do I import again as m2v file. I am using the same tapes. I only have two choices in pinnacle 15, MPEG or DV, to import the video. When I choose MPEG, I get mpg file and when I choose DV, I get avi file. Please help!!!

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      That camera is capable of recording HD or SD video onto a MiniDV tape. It is also capable of playing back either of those formats. Unfortunately you cannot tell what format is on the tape just by looking at it. Is it possible that you have some tapes with HD content and some with SD content? This would explain why some videos are captured at 1440X1080 which is HDV, high definition, and others are captured at 720X480 which is DV standard definition. It could also be a setting in your ‘import’ preferences within Pinnacle that has been changed from HD to SD

Viewing 1 reply thread
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