Importing Premiere Pro project into After Effects?

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      I can import my Adobe Premiere pro projects into After Effects (CS5.5), but I have a question as a beginner.
      How can I import my Premiere Pro project so the edited clips in the timeline come into After Effects exactly as they appear in Premiere Pro? I mean with the same edited clips, same space on the time line, etc … 
      Even if I import a project as separate compositions or as one, it finds everything and creates the folders and assets fine, but I am finding I have to re-create everything in the timeline all over again. Isn't there a simpler way?
      Thanks for any help!
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      HI Ken


      I might not be much help. But, here is somethingI noticed.  Can't say for sure as I uninstalled AE when I learned it is for animating. I have Creative Cloud and can reinstall if you don't get any help and I can experiment which is a large part of how I learn.I opened a project in Prem  and used my mouse to select all the clips then with my mouse over the clips I right clicked and at the bottom of the list

      it said



      I don't know what that does, but you can try it and see.  Hopefully someone who actually knows will post something.


      Good Luck




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      Thanks Barry. However, what I am talking about is actually within Adter Effects. Once I open After Effects and import a PP project, it creates all the folders and imports the assets great. But how do I get them on a After effects timeline in the same order, clip length, etc.. as they were in Premiere Pro? If I drag them down to make a composition, it will take all the origibal assets and put them there (or whatever I've chosen), but not as edited clips in the same order as they were in Premiere pro. 


      So I'm hoping anyone with After Effects knows how or can point me in the right direction.


      Thanks again!

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