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      Good evening. I worked in video production for 7 years and have taught a section of high school broadcast journalism for the last 15 years. So, my knowledge base is pretty good, but I’m not up on every technical detail to date.

      My class shoots a daily news show and we are trying to get the video signal to record directly into iMovie or Adobe Premiere from the camera. We use a couple different consumer HD cameras from Canon. I’ve tried two things, both have their issues. Either would be a good solution, if I could get either to work.

      1. I am coming out of the camera with RCA cable and doing an Anaog-Digital pass-through with our older GL2 camera. Then, I come out of the GL2 with a firewire and into the iMac. The video and audio show up on iMovie (but not Premiere), HOWEVER, the signal is not recorded or captured. I believe the newest iMovie software has a hard time with the lack of timecode. Struggling.

      2. The second option I have is to come directly out of HD camera with an HDMI cable, directly into iMac. This bypasses the GL2 and firewire port. I’d prefer this, b/c signal is cleaner, HOWEVER, I think I need an HDMI capture card. I also may be wrong completely.

      Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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