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      Someone experience in DIY for quality green screen setup, please have a look:

      Green Screen setup sketch:

      This is my room length. I have done my own backdrop:

      Below images are the equipments that I have now:

      I have 4 70w lights now. 2 ‘f & v double lamp socket’, 2 stands, 1 diffuser (umbrella)
      I am willing to buy more lights, what lights do I need

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      If you have the room for it, I would add one more light in the middle of your green screen at the top (ceiling?) pointing down at it.


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      rs179a makes a good point however, I would not recommend pointing the light down on the bkg. Use it as a talent back light. Rim lighting provides better separation and keying. I flood the green screen, use a diffused spot for a key light (left/right of cam) and a diffused spot back light.

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      Here is the perfect article to help you set up your DIY green screen:

      When setting up the lighting and everything, you have to make sure to follow certain precautions (outlined in the article). This includes removing wrinkles from the green screen, minimizing shadows by angling your lights right, and covering up any windows in the setting.

      Your DIY equipment looks good; you don’t need any expensive or fancy equipment to use a green screen. I recommend buying some clamp lights to make sure you have sufficient lighting in your setting. (You can find some for only $10-$15 each.)

      I hope this helps!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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