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      Hey guys!

      This is my first post on and I am new to video production. I am trying to find a method or an idea to make a transition from a normal scene into an imaginary scene or a thought and/or memory of something. I am using premiere pro and after effects for editing purposes. If there is any tutorials that I can be referred to, I would greatly appreciate it.

      Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

      Hope to hear from someone soon. πŸ™‚

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      Each transition makes a different statement. Some are serious, some are dramatic, some are cheezy!


      Do you want the viewer to know it's not real before or after they see it?


      Without knowing what you're going for, I can only say try a number of different ideas and see what looks right for what you want the transition to say.



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      A few quick ideas:

      Maybe chage the color saturation. sepia?   


      Put imaginary inside a frame, smaller than the resolution of the non-imaginary?  If comic, this could be a thought bubble?

      Music change? Sound effects? Record an ambient noise to softly underlay the imaginary?

      Alter the imaginary voices – slight reverb or other special effect?

      Put the voices out of sync with the lip movement?


      Good luck, this is one of the "fun" parts of editing.  Try a bunch of things, post a few of them here so we can see how it's going!




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      I've just started with video as well and iMovie has a "dream" effect that makes it all fuzzy and totally blows highlights and desaturates the image. Perhaps check if your program has something like that and see how it looks?

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