Image blurring while in Manual mode

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      I have noticed that while interviewing my subject goes out of focus at various times. I am able to focus in Manual Mode into a crisp, sharp image of my talent/interviewee. The person's image will then blur slightly while the background remains in sharp focus. It is driving me crazy. I am hoping I will be told of a remedy from this forum.


      Camera: Panasonic HDC-T900P. Shooting in 1080/60p, AVCHD. Using tripod with very little zoom action.

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      If you dont have someone operating the came then set it to auto.. Otherwise you will have to adjust focus during the shoot, as well if you can control aperature then stop down so less light is let in and less DOF effect is present. 

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      It's not clear if you are saying the focus problem is in manual or auto. Auto focus can be a problem when the background has strong sharp contrasty things in it – autofocus has to decide which part of the image you want to be sharp, sometimes to check focus, it needs to go out of focus, then sharpen the blurriness up. Manual on some cameras is really simple, but on compacts like this, manual focus is a nudge, nudge button prod, and it's rather hit and miss.


      Often, the general advice is always to use manual focus, but on these cameras, auto is often better.


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