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      I am sort of a mediocre video maker. I write, shoot, and edit everything myself. This past year I have put more passion into film making. I have bought new equipment and been watching a lot of videos from professional film makers and their tutorials. 
      However, the one major problem I have right now is my computer. Right now for editing I use an old Lenovo PC which barely does the job. For one I work on an Adobe Platform. On my current PC I can't operate AE without having to render the entire project every 10 seconds so it doesn't lag. The same with Premiere. Although I upgraded my Video Card a couple years ago, I finally need to ditch this computer.
      I've spoken with a couple of film maker friends and they each said something different, So I've come to a conclusion with three options. 1) I can get the new 27" iMac with custom hardware which comes to about $3,500 2) Get a MacBook Pro with the Retina Display with custom hardware which also is in the $3,500 range and 3) Build a custom PC with $3,500. Right now the MacPro is not considered as one of my options due to very high pricing with custom hardware.
      Now, Although I work on an Adobe Platform, I would like to try Final Cut. But that is not really that important. Also, eventually I would like to start 3D modeling with 3Ds Max or similar, which I heard to be a PC software. 
      What I would like to know is what each of these 3 options are good for. I am really confused and I need to purchase something before the beginning of April. THANK YOU!
      Also I Forgot to mention, right now I shoot with a Sony Nx5u and the Canon 5D Mark lll but eventually I will upgrade to something like either the BlackMagic or the RED. the computer would need to support these formats without lag and possibly support something like DaVinci Resolve for color correcting.
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      I started out with Pinnacle software on an XP-PRO, homebrew computer. It was obvious that Pinnacle wasn't going to give me the features I eventually wanted/needed, so I looked at Adobe CS5 suite . . .  which necessitated an new computer. I prefer Windoze PC's over Mac because I can first-of-all build my own PC and tailor it to my needs, or modify it in the future; whereas the Apple folks supply a person with what THEY think you need and it's expensive to purchase and expensive to maintain.


      An editing program like the Adobe Premier Pro is more broadly applicable to a wider range of video codecs one can use w/o the necessity to transcode, even before you can start editing. Final cut is more limited in this respect.


      Apple has largely become a maker of personal fashion accessories and less a computer manufacturer, having realized that is where the real money is!


      Rick Crampton

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      Hi, If you edit you own projects it dose not matter. I you are a freelancer I would get a Mac. Because with  Mac you can edit on the mac with Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, Premiere Pro and Avid.

      Then you can have windows on your Mac and edit with Premiere Pro, Avid and Sony Vages with one computer.



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