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      So right now I’m trying to figure out which route to go for getting my next editing computer. I’m a Apple person and want to stay with there product. I do a lot in adobe programs mostly premiere pro and after effects when needed.

      Should I look at getting a iMac with a lot of ram in it or should I look into a Mac Pro? I’ve got a monitor I could run the Mac Pro with.

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      It’s not a great time to buy a Mac workstation. The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated in the last four years, and they announced a complete redesign on the horizon for next year, as well as the iMac Pro coming in December. That said, I was in the same boat and opted for the 2017 5K iMac with i7, 512GB SSD, aftermarket RAM. Adobe, and After Effects in particular, makes poor use of hardware acceleration on the Mac. After Effects is much faster on my new iMac than the 12-core 2013 Mac Pro I use at my day job… It’s up to you of course, but I’d say don’t buy a Mac Pro right now. The iMac’s display is almost certainly better than what you have and it’s a more capable workstation for a lot tasks. The Mac Pro is just a rip off at this point with how old it is, even with the recent price drop.

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