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      Hi everybody! I'm new in the forum and unexperienced in videomaking.

      I'm planning a big bicycle journey in central Asia with documentary purposes, you can check details at We're looking for a ultra light camera with semi-professional image quality and a reasonable price (<1.000€). Our interest is not to film from bicycles (or at least, to film few frames from the bicycles) but to have beautiful colours and good audio quality.

      Do you have any advice for us?

      Thank you in advance!


      Daniele & Elena

      .A bicycle journey trough central Asia 
      .Ten short documentaries 
      .An interactive installation 
      .A new way of sampling landscape 
      .A book about this all


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      Hi Daniele – here is video from a shooter named Blanche who used her new Panasonic GH3 to record a cycling journey through Morocco last year:





      If you want video quality like this, with cinematic shallow depth of field, 1080/50p for smooth action and slow motion, a headphone jack to monitor your sound, and a robust all-metal splash and dust resistant body – you should pick up a new GH3 for around 1000€ plus an inexpensive low light lens such as the Sigma 30mm f2.8


      Hope this is helpful and good luck on your ride!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      well daniele, I advice you to use a Go pro HD hero 3 black edition with accessories availiable like head strap mount, chest strap mount also a cage pro to protect the camera, i believe it will be easier and much convinient for you to use for your journey coz it comes in a small size with good audio and video quality and also very easy for you to mount on your bicycle, chest and your helmet to take the footage.


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      Helmet cameras are popular cycling accessory. Recording your rides gives you the ability to edit, chop and create great films so you can show friends and family.and it also gives you ammunition should you have to prove your version of events in the case of a collision. it just a part of your filming. and i also like to say you cant do whole film within the hel cam.


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      StanDan Pro

      I would recommend a combo of the GH2 (which is cheaper than the GH3 but if you hack it, you can get the same quality) and the Go Pro.  I prefer the look of the GH2 but the mobility of the Go Pro … 

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