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      Hey guys, I am all about building a pc for video editing and choosing the right software for me. I am not a professional. I just want to make some nice memories of some nice events. Some of them are sport events so I want to use multi-cam, e. g. split screen.

      I used a PCMag list of best video editing software for 2018. as a startpoint:
      https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2397215,00.asp .

      I saw there that Adobe Premiere Elements, Filmora and Nero Video don`t have multicam option and decided not to buy any of them.

      Since I am not Mac user I will not buy Final Cut nor iMovie.

      Adobe Premiere Pro is not a good solution for me since there is no one time payment option but only a yearly subscription. I really don`t want to pay it all the time.

      So, my choice of software is reduced to the following list:

      1. Corel Video Studio Ultimate

      2. Cyberlink Power Director

      3. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

      4. Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium

      I am now confused with hardware requirements described on the official sites of these software.

      You see, it is written for Corel Video Studio Ultimate that I should use i7 for multi-camera:


      Exactly the same thing is written for Pinnacle Studio:


      *The confusing thing is the fact that i7 CPUs are not always faster than i5 CPUs, nor they always have more cores. So, why they wrote that i7s are better for multicam than i5? Is there any other important CPU feature that is present in i7s and not present in i5s?

      **Even funnier information could be found on Cyberlink site. It is written that any CPU from Intel i-series could be used for that software.


      Is it really possible that I could use any CPU for multicam editing in Cyberlink and only i7 for the same thing in Corel or Pinnacle?

      Thanks a lot guys for your answers.



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      You can edit multiple cameras in Premiere Elements, you just don't have access to Adobe's Multicam sequence. You would have to place one camera above the other and do an A/B edit.

      However I can save you money and (despite loving Adobe's app and Premiere Pro especially) say get the free version of Davinci Resolve available on BlackMagic Design's website. It is a good editor and will see you thru.

      As for the Hardware… A) it says i7 because the newer generation of i7 is RECOMMENDED. You CAN edit on an ODLER i7 or a i5 CPU but you are going to get the best performance out of the 8th generation (NEWER) i7 chips and above (i9). B) Yes the NEWER i5 chips can be better than the OLDER i7 chips, but they will not even touch the NEWER i7 chips in performance. C) Yes, you can use any CPU for Multicam editing, the only difference is performance. The  i7 and i9 CPUs will make editing a breeze with little to no waiting for previews to load, shorter rendering times, etc. where as the i5 is going to be a bit slower.

      (Only highlighting words to emphasize not criticize) For you, since you said you are doing this for yourself, I would go with an 8th Generation i5 CPU. While it may not be as fast as the i7's, it will edit a couple camera angles no problem. If you are edting MORE than 2-3 cameras then you should get an 8th Gen i7 CPU.

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