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Hey everyone I love the magainze and am fairly new to the website! I wanted some honest critique since I am getting mixed reviews. I recently did some promo work for a local DJ and I was messing around After Effects and just trying things out. Can you guys give me a critique of it and tell me what you think could of been changed and what to do for next time? Thanks so much.. I wasn't allowed alot of creative freedom in terms of editing the actual video aspect of it mainly because he didnt want it to look artificial and just go with the music. Thanks again I look forward to the feedback.




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I am self taught and did learn a lot on here from the guys and gals. I still am learning every day. I am known on here to hold no punches and speak my mind so here goes.

Strap in folks....


The opening solid unfeathered "black sink hole" has to go. it lasts too long. If you want an effect like that a simple fade in of the whole screen from black or from center of a short duration would be better.

The opening text would be better with no effects and in plain text. Overlays are ok but the wiggling worm like text needs to be changed in my opinion. Maybe set the text to white and put an overlay vid clip on it to change the colors of the text as it plays.

The biggest thing I notice audio wise which is very important is the music was obviously recorded with your cameras mic as he played it on his system. This forced you to film in one take that caused all sorts of problems. It needs to be a separate audio track of his work as an MP3 file to sound better and not like a tinny tin can. He wants to showcase his music so it has to pop and be rich with bass. Ensure the audio levels are correct in post and not peeking too high. With a separate audio file of his work you could then start/stop filming as you need to to reposition your camera and it will not be jerky of out of focus. Therefore you can concentrate 100% on the video and not worry about the audio.

Did he not want his face shown? We still do not know what he looks like. Shoot at an elevated height to get even with his head. A tripod of monopod would help a lot. No one likes the up the nose look.

Is this a unfinished work? It ends abruptly.


Keep plugging at it! It gets better.

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Why does it say "New" by my name? Been here for a few years now... just wonderin.... How are you doing Earl? Good to see Grinner on here again!

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Chop it up, with cutaways.  I get that the dude wanted it to have a natural, organic feel but it's like watching raw footage.  I'd love to see some face shots, closeups of the computers, turntables, etc.



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I agree with most of the comments posted.  DOF was over used unless this is just raw footage to be edited.  Also I noticed color shift especially at around the 1:48 mark which makes me think this was shot in an auto mode. I would recomend  a manual white balance. 



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Um. I hate to chip in with more unpleasent news; 


I stopped watching at 1:01. The intro with all of the titles took far too long, and the music was enticing (I mean, who doesn't love Daft Punk?), however by 30 seconds in I was already feeling distracted. If you wan't a profesional feel, fade in from black directly to your video and use music video style script in the lower right hand corner of the video at the beginning and end. It will add a heap of quality and wont feel abrassive. 

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I have to agree with the other posts. Anytime you are dealing with music or a music related business, the music (sound track) must be superb, otherwise the folks viewing will assume your clients sound quality is not very good. Which could cost them the jobs they are after. So for music promo, you must have high quality audio.


Even when we shoot live events we always take an audio feed from the mixing board and record it fo use in post. Often we mix the sound from the mixing board with audio from a room mic to capture that "live" feel while still getting a clean high quality sound.


Definitely need to set-up your shots. Winging it is ok for one set of clips which can be used for B roll or cut-away shots. But your primary shots need to be thought out and shot well. Use a tripod, and when handheld make your movements as smooth as possible.


Then in post you can lay in the audio track and pick and choose video clips that work well to tell the story.


In this instance it was hard to tell what the stroy was. To promote a DJ you would want to show his personality, the genres he works with, his personal style, his equipment, and the quality of the sound he can produce. I would also try and show what size rooms he can cover as well. I think especially important would be the reaction that he gets from an audience.


To do all of that would require a studio shoot and a live or simulated show with an audience. Mix those elements together and you can promote the DJ quite well.


Keep at it, we all have to learn sometime, and often by trial and error.

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Looked very amateurish. I thought the reds were way overblown and a tripod shot should have been used for some of the shots. It did not seem very enticing to watch someone work on their laptop while looking at their back. It seemed more like a test of a new iPhone camera. I am not sure if getting some proper shots constitutes artistic freedom but if this is his idea of promotion work I think he is bound to stay at the “local” e.g. my parents basement level for a while.Audio is a mess and needs to sound more like somethink you could crank up and hear bass.