I need English background voice for free, please help me!

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      Hi guys, I'm looking for an English background voice for my short video ( just 1 minute long! ). I don't like my Italian accent reading in English language….so I'm finding a native English/American man. The video shows the  Spanish Cíes Islands with a background voice. ( just in 4 words!! )

      It is only for my personal use, not for commercial or other….so it's free. I'll show the short video to anyone who wants to help me. I'm looking for a male voice from 30 to…60 years old. 

      Thanks to everyone. I hope someone can help me!


      You can see some works of mine on my vimeo channel




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      Hi Vincent,


      I would be glad to lend a helping voice… 😉

      I'm Male 25 and I have equipment to record.

      If interested email me at: klookfilm  at  gmail  dot com

      or reply to this on videomaker I check back pretty often.


      Justin Reto


      P.S. If you would like to hear my voice we can talk in skype or something.

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