I need a verb to describe what we do!

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      Dear Mr. York or whoever else wants to tackle this question,
      OK, were this Jeopardy, I might be trying to buy a vowel. But this isn't Jeopardy, this is video. I chose to write to you, as you, in your editorial columns, sometimes delve into the existential and philosophical aspects of video making. So here's my dilemma.
      We video makers do not (to my knowledge) have a verb to accurately describe what we do. If I want to tell someone what I do, or what I am working on, here are some of the things that do NOT accurately reflect what I am doing.
      I am video taping……xxx.   OK, I'm shooting digital video, so no tape is involved. Fail!
      I am filming….xxx.  Same kind of problem; no film involved. Fail
      To say, "I am making a movie" sounds a bit pretentious. What if I'm just shooting B-roll for some client's files? And if I'm just shooting a 1 or 5 minute YouTube post, doesn't "making a movie" sound a bit much? Besides, how do you use it as a verb to describe aiming my camera at, say, a moving boat? Am I "movie-making" that boat? Fail
      Let's even take the name of your illustrious publication, "Videomaker." (A word that even spell check refutes). It is perhaps OK to say, "I'm making a video," but really, can I say I'm "videomaking" that boat? Fail
      "Shooting" that boat? Sounds so NRAish. I never liked that verb, even for still photography. Besides, it doesn't differentiate whether I'm "shooting" video or still photos. Fail
      Get my gist? Perhaps you may think I'm being a bit pedantic, and you would not be the first to say so. I like to think that I enjoy accuracy in language.
      One would certainly think that with the countless volumes of material written about what we do, someone would have come up with an appropriate verb.
      Perhaps this would be grist for an upcoming editorial in your publication. I'm sure it gets increasingly difficult to come up with new ideas every month. Here, above, is my contribution to your thought process.

      Len Kaufman



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      O.K., I'll play. I'm a videographer — irrespective of whether Microsoft Word recognized the term or not.


      My medium is video. I'm not a "film maker," although my videography can be turned into film, just as I can take the work of a still photographer and turn it into video.


      When I take out my father-in-law's 16mm Bolex and record with it I'm making film.


      When people ask me what I'm doing with my NX7U my response is "I'm making a video of this event."


      As far as your enjoyment of accuracy in language, dream on. Since the great tearing down of culture that began in the 1970s the lines have become blurred. Kids today have often never seen a film; they think that there is no aesthetic difference between film and video.  Their lives have been spent watching a digital (videoed) creation that has been projected on a digital projection system. Terms like"film," "movie" and "movie-making" have become generic, meaning different things to different people.


      So, I'll stick to "videographer," and to what I do as "videoing," and I'm even willing,

       because it resonates with most people, to throw in "video taping," even though I shoot with digital cameras.


      It will be interesting to see how others respond to your question.

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      I am "Capturing" an event in time.


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      Sometimes I use "video" as a verb.  "I'm going to video this event."  "I'm videoing an event."


      Unless we make another word up, I think "video" is our best option.

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      Ahem–as the husband of a Jeopardy champ, I am compelled to observe that one does not  buy vowels in Jeopardy–that's Wheel of Fortune. πŸ™‚


      In all seriousness, step up to the plate. I'm a producer. I produce digital film. Is it pretentious? Nope–because that's what I do. When you think of youself as a producer, or as a digital filmmaker, then it won't be pretentious, because that's what you'll be! Hope that helps

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      AvatarDavid Doty

      Gosh – back in the day ( not so long ago ) – we used to shoot footage – now that we are using SDHC cards – we are not even shooting square inch"age". LOL……

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