I made my first stop-motion. Opinions?

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      I've just made my first little stop-motion. I'd love some feedback and advice becasue I want to make more in the future! I really enjoy it 🙂


      Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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      A VERY good first stop motion!  I just started doing stop motion myself a few months back and it really is a fun, different way to do video. 


      The only suggestion I have is that I would have included some water (other than that one wave) into the video.  Otherwise, a great job!




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      That was really great!! If only it were bit longer. I might have had the the rescuer come in small from the top corner and we see him witness the monster attack from afar….. but whatever you do it was very good. Maybe give them a camp on a beach, lol

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      that looks great! which software did you use to make it….?

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      The concept, stop motion, music, sound effects are really really great.


      I think it is supposed to be at night? If so the lighting could have been more dramatic, just looks kind of dim. Also, I agree a little water would add to it.


      Overall a very nice feeling converyed which is all that matters because I enjoyed it : )

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