I made a little music video..

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      I've just made a little music video using one of my dads songs. I'd really love some feedback on it.. any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated!

      Of course it's nothing great. But I can only grow and learn new things!


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      What do you mean "not great"? I think it is in more ways than one.
      Really enjoyed it and put a big smile on my face this morning.
      Keep it up, love the transparency effect.

      Thanks. Ara and Spirit

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      The editing was very good.  The only suggestions I would make on this would be to be more mindful of your exposure when shooting, and maybe play around with the color correction and grading tools.  The shooting wasn't bad, but there were a few shots that had some really 'hot' spots in them.  Color grading can add another interesting element to your videos – an artistic flare, if you will.

      Very cool choice in shots.  Really good job for a novice!




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      I love the fluency and the trasition is great! 

      One thing I can't agree more with is your words that "I can only grow and learn new things!" 


      Guess I need to post my video and gain some criticism, that's the way I gain great advice and learn quickly


      I'm wondering what software you used. Did you shot with your video camera and clip & trim them together with video editing software? I love your videos very much. Would you mind telling me how to make a video




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      Very nice and now your Dad has a lovely music video he can use!


      I appreciate the heart motif!

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