I can’t decide. 70d vs Lumix G7

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      So I am looking for a new camera that can be my YouTube channel camera (for crispy tech related video), but also my every day camera.

      The 70d brought so many updates, especially the auto focusing, that I am really having a hard time deciding.

      A Canon 70d, which shoots 1080p, but ALL-I, 90Mbps video. Which is great. Lenses everywhere for the future.

      A Lumix G7. Great camera, this one has 4k 100Mbps.

      I just can’t make up my mind. I’ve asked the professionals, (I even asked the video director from The Verge), and the opinions are split right down the middle. Some tell me to forget DSLRs for video and go Micro 4/3. Others tell me that if I don’t need 4K the best thing to get is the 70d.

      The price difference (here in Asia) will be almost nothing. So, what do I do… Both will be bought with the Kit Lens since the price will stretch my budget to the max.

      Any ideas?

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      What’s your current camera? Do you really need to upgrade if it’s only gonig to the web? How much have you got invested in Canon glass? Are you one day looking at say, a C100? Then maybe a 70D.
      You don’t need 4K. Most users can’t watch it at 4K. Even if they can, they’re more interested in the content. Think of your processing and upload times. I actually don’t think anyone will ever need 4K. Still, If I were starting from scratch, I’d get the G7, because it’s mirrorless. Mirrors are clunky.

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      I agree. You don’t need 4K to have a better quality as a youtube camera. Quality wise, 70d is still better since it’s a proven brand when it comes to cameras. It’s also great for those wanting to take a lot of high quality photos, including those shooting for a documentary, action, or home video shots. Just my 2 cents.

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      I say it comes down to two factors:

      1. What kind of lenses do you want to be using 10 years from now?
      2. How important is the 70D’s excellent video auto-focus to you?

      (But honestly, have you seen the 80D? Headphone jack.)

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      Tony P

      I own a G7 with 14-140mm lens. I have used it to shoot 4K and 1080. Obviously, the 4K is stellar, but I have to admit, the 1080 is also great. It’s smaller than the 70D and of course weighs less. In the end, you have to decide what “you” want. There are lens everywhere for m4/3 too. See what is available where you live. Maybe you can find a camera store that has both models and try them out. Bring a blank U3 SD card with you to record 4K. See if they will allow you to record to your SD cards. Then go home and see what you prefer and how easy it is to edit. I have a Canon DSLR that I really like, but just don’t want to be bothered with the size and weight anymore since I do a lot of backpacking. And the camera shoots both 4K and 1080 with no problems and great video.

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