I cannot finalize my video to play in DVD Player

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Hi All I created a video for my family of my aunts funeral. I made it in movie maker but it was to large so had to convert it to make is smaller through VLC. However it did not finalize it though. I have been working on this for days and I am so at my wits end. I need help.. Does anyone know anything about this!? I sure could use help right now. I am using a DVD-R does that have anything to do with it?

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To create a DVD that will work in set-top DVD players, you must use DVD "Authoring" software. It's not enough to just "burn" a video clip to a DVD-R disc. The files on the disc must meet the DVD specification, meaning you will see .vob files on the disc if you browse it on the computer.

Do a web search for "DVD authoring software" and you will find many low-cost or even free options.

You mentioned Movie Maker, I assume the free Windows software? You might have DVD Maker on your computer already and that would work, please check. I think it was still part of Windows 7, but not included with newer versions.



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you are confused with the terminology. If you burn DATA files, mpg, .mov etc to a DVD blank so it can be played by any computer NOT a DVD player, the it must be finalised, which closes the data stream, and writes a proper ending, preventing it being over recorded. If using the computer menu system the finalisation process fails you probably set up the burning process wrongly. You usually get the option to burn the disk as data that you can build up, but by bit, remove the DVD, but still use it and add more - then you can finalise it - finishing it for good, or sometimes you get the option of doing different things. Jeff mentions authoring software - this using the .vob files get created in the software, and the structure is the same as a commercial DVD, with a simple or complex menu system.

When you say you can't finalise it - we don't know what kind of finalise you mean, or how you've done it.

Let us have the process - what did you do, what kind of blank is it - or + in particular, and when it won't do it, what comes up on the screen. It's possible you are trying to write to a disk that is the wrong type for what you want to do? My Mac also doesn't seem to like some of the blanks I use on the PCs - it can read them, but writing to them falls over, and I cannot finalise a DVD recorded on the PC.

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If the DVD can't be played, there are many reasons to cause this problem such as the DVD is not burned successfully. Some dRM protection may prevent you from burning a good DVD. For instance, if you want to burn iTunes movies to DVD, you can take a look at the tutorial. After burning a DVD, you should be able to play the movies on any DVD player or Blueray DVD player. Congratulations. 

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Alot of times the file burned to the DVD is incorrect type or the menus where not correctly written so the DVD won't play.