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      I recently installed Avid Studio, and began enjoying the Keyers feature/Chroma Key function. Worked terrific. But then when I opened the program the following day and tried to go to Effects Editor/ Keyers/Chroma Key, not only was it GONE/MISSING, but so were all the transitions and F/X in the library. This is a new (pristine) product/disc I installed and registered on a new Win 8 desktop, with 8 gig of memory, and with 3.3 Ghz dual Processor. I tried to "repair." No fix. I tried re-installing. No help. The Chroma Key feature as well as transitions and f/x were still missing. What happened? One day they are there, the next they are not. Never seen or heard of anything like this before. Any help would be appreciated. Searched the web for similar problems, found none. Did a system restore, that didn't resolve the issue. I'm near to losing my sanity over this one.

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      You say you have a new product but you also include the word "prestine" which makes me wonder if you have an unused, unopened product but not the latest version. I sometimes get a "new" but older version to save money. If this is the case, see if it's compatable with Windows 8. When I first got Windows XP, I tried running older programs on it. At first they worked fine but after a short time I ran into problems. They either wouldn't open or they would close by themselves immediately after opening. Don't know what your problem is but it was just a thought. Hope it was of some help.

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      Turned out the grinch was a Microsoft update. I deleted the update, and the Chroma Key function in the program has returned. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the concern/response.

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