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      My name is Daniel Fearing.  I am a filmmaker and owner of a production company in Northern California.  I have found that one of my biggest challenges has been to effectively convey my vision to my crew, team and or clients. Many other directors and filmmakers have this same problem. Our stick figure storyboards always seem to confuse people rather than helping to clarify our vision.  Over the past year I have been working tediously to solve this issue. Taking ideas in my head and conveying them through a storyboard is a challenge.  So, I set out to build an app that would bring the power of a pre-visualization computer program to a simple, and effective set design and storyboarding application. ShotPro by Shot Professional is a tool I built that will revolutionize the way filmmakers convey their concepts to their crew, team and clients.


      With ShotPro by Shot Professional you can design shots in seconds while simultaneously building a moving storyboard. It is quick, easy and powerful. No experience is needed to bring your concept to reality. ShotPro allows you to show the production team everything that matters behind the scenes such as camera placement, blocking, lighting and vital movements. It also allows clients to see your concept scene by scene with incredible detail and animation. ShotPro users can customize sets with props, backdrops, animatable characters, dynamic lighting, voiceover, weather, exportable storyboards and are even able to navigate through scenes with searchable keywords. ShotPro will reduce time needed in pre-production and make filming more efficient and productive for you, your crew, and your clients.


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      ShotPro by Shot Professional


      Coming Fall 2014


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