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      So I’m looking at buying a hvr a1u for I believe somewhat decent price of round $600. My only concern is the age of this style of camera. Is there something out there comparable or better to this camera around same price? I’d like to stay away from mini dv. But from everything I’ve read, this is a decent little camera. Only thing is I can’t find how it stands up to today’s standards. On the side to use I’m also looking at getting a lumix G6 for video and mostly photography. Two different worlds I know. The use of these cameras will be for a documentary shot in Taiwan in and outdoors. Any advice or suggestions? Sorry for the noobish questions.

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      I have owned a Sony HVR-A1E (PAL Version) and used it professionally for documentaries and commercials over the last 12 years. The HVR-A1E is a great little HD camera with twin XLR inputs, it’s very easy to use, extremely portable, ultra reliable and still today it delivers high quality professional results. Outdoors and indoors (with correct indoor lighting), I find its equal to more modern and much more expensive HD camera equipment. The only problem with the A1 is that is has to be removed from a tripod in order to change the tape.

      I don’t work for Sony, but I do appreciate quality gear, and as such, happy to recommend it.

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      Thank you sir! Input is greatly appreciated! I’ve spent a long amount of hours researching this.

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