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      Alright, I am still looking for a light kit to invest in. My budget, well, yeah. I found this one, because I wanted a kit with a barndoor and softbox both for different shots. I dont care if its halogen, i just hope there is no fan that is loud because my shots are to be quit. The power consumtion is no concern, but do you think 300w will be bright enough? My scenes will be in hospital rooms etc, so should I try to find something more along the lines of flourescent/led? Tell me what you think of this kit.

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      Three 300 watt instruments should be adequate for your shooting environment.


      Two cautions: are the lights " focasable " , and I personally don't like " open face " halogens. I've seen quarts lamps explode, spewing molten glass . . . .


      Rick Crampton

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