How’s My Video Production?

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      How do my shots look? All comment and critique welcome. Thanks

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      This Video is Unavailable -WTF?

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      Looks great how do you link all those clips together? I like the drone footage did you need a licence to shoot those drone shots.

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      In England, doing commercially – for a video you intended to promote, then yes, you need compulsory training, a flight test and very detailed paperwork. You could pretend you bought it and made the video for fun, but if money was involved, and you have a business, even a small one – then yes, you need a proper test, deep pockets, and of course stuff like insurance. If you just make it for your granny, or to impress your friends, then no – but the line is VERY fine! In the US, who knows? You can have a machine gun in the States!

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      For me it looks ok for just an amateur entertainment MV. I would say the color is too much contrast, you can do the color grading again to make it lighter and softer. I don’t know, maybe I’m a fan of gentle colors so I find it need to be fixed. But it also depends on your taste.

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      Hi it should show up when you click it, let me know. Thanks

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