How would you budget a project where you’d work for 5 major corporations?

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      Hi there,


      I'm starting up an animation project for a new combined project between 5 major corporations.

      Those 5 very well known brands have decided to collaborate on a shared online document & invoicing system for their clients.

      The 5 corporations are active in telecom, banking, health insurance, energy distribution etc… so really the big brands.

      Normally when I make a video production, I calculate a budget based on the amount me & my people spend on it. In this case however, since there are 5 different companies involved & it's the first time they make a video, I think it's unlikely that I can work with a fixed budget.

      There will be so many people involved where each & everyone will want their say that this will be a more complex production than regularly + 1 or 2 correction rounds won't be sufficient I guess.

      What I intend to do is to propose them a flat fee for the whole production incl 3 correction rounds. In case they want to keep on making changes, they pay extra per day we work on it.

      What's your suggestion, how would you deal with this kind of situation?

      Who has experience in this kind of production?


      Best regards & thanks for getting back to me,



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