How would I Shoot a “Piano-Guys – Like” Music Video

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      I am looking at doing a music video in the style of the Piano-Guys (of course, not quite as crazy, or as big a budget), haha 🙂

      The guy (who plays a classical guitar) that I am doing the video with is going to record it at a music studio and then we will sync it up with various locations and the like. This is the first time I have done a project like this. I have shot multiple wedding videos / short films but I have never done a music video.Â

      My question is, what is the easiest way to sync up the music video playing with the studio recording?

      What else should I know about this kind of a video shoot? :)Â

      Thanks a lot!

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    You will want to play back the studio-recorded audio on each location, both through monitors on set so the talent can match their playing/action to the recording, AND onto one of your camera’s audio tracks. In the edit, you use the audio track on the camera to line up with the fully mixed/eq’d studio audio.

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    A Music Video always starts with an audio file of the song your shooting, the videos come after. I think to shoot a decent video, you will need to shoot about 30 retakes of the same song, all in different locations.

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