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      I shot some beautiful video in a beautiful old church of a subject, but didn't realize there was this big sun glare on the side of his head until later. See attachment. I am using Pinnacle Studio 17.5.   I don't know if this can be done with clip Corrections within Pinnacle, but regardless of the editor, could someone please explain an approach to lessening this glare for someone who knows very little about using these types of video editing correction tools? Thanks!

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      The easiest way to fix the glare is to use the Corrections in effects editor and darken the overall scene. This may result in the subject's face being too dark. The more complex method, but the method that could yield far better results is to use the Luma Keyer tool. It would be beyond the scope of this forum for me to try and explain how to use it, so if you Google the term "luma keyer in Pinnacle" you may find a video or description how it works.

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      If you are using Adobe Photoshop Here is the One solution…


      Step 1

      Load the image you plan to reduce glare from into Photoshop. Duplicate the layer containing the image by pressing “Ctrl-J,” to perform edits without disturbing the original image. Click "Image | Adjustments | Shadows and Highlights" to display the dialog box with controls for lightening your image’s shadows and darkening its highlights.


      Step 2

      Click the "Show More Options" checkbox button to display all the controls in the Shadows and Highlights dialog box. Drag the Amount slider right to darken the portions of the image with glare. Drag the Tonal Width slider right to increase the range of values that Photoshop should recognize as highlights. If your photo has a lot of glare, try reducing it with higher values for this control.


      Step 3

      Drag the Radius slider left and right gradually until you see a further reduction in glare. The Radius slider specifies the size of the neighborhood surrounding a given pixel, in which Photoshop will seek the image data it needs for the highlight calculations.


      Step 4

      Click "OK" to close the Shadows and Highlights dialog and commit to your changes. The glare in your image has decreased. If, however, your changes have knocked down the image’s contrast, continue to the step below.


      Step 5

      Press “Ctrl-J” to duplicate the layer you edited with the Shadows and Highlights command. Click the "Blending Mode" control at the top of the Layers panel to display a list of blending modes, then click "Overlay;" this restores contrast.


      Step 6

      Click the "Layer | Flatten Image" command to combine all layers into a single layer. Run the "Shadows and Highlights" command again to further reduce glare if needed.



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