how to prevent video image shimmering

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      Hi, I have a Sony HDR-PJ810E camcorder. I bought it recently on eBay as a nearly new item. I had problems with the video image on the monitor, and on the finished video, showing dark areas which slowly brightened, and with video shimmering. Also, there would be areas of parallel lines on the monitor screen, but these did not show up on the finished video. I read up on it and made two alterations. First, I activated the intelligent auto function; second, I noticed that both frame rate and shutter speed were 50, so I altered the frame rate to 25. The shutter speed is on auto, but it registerd 50 at the time. The picture quality is better now, apart from two things. The first is that the parallel lines are still on the monitor screen; the second is that the shimmering has not altered. I'd appreciate any help, but I realise that the main problem is that I'm a beginner and have a hard learning trek ahead of me. Cheers.


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