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      I got quite decent at adobe premiere pro, but how to consistently practice using it? I have no material to work on, and was wondering where I could get such material. The contents don't matter. Any idea? 

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      Use you Phone, Video Camera, something that shoots Videos and use that is content to practice your editing skills.

      That is how I cut my teeth on Video Editing.

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      Think of a story, break it into shots. shoot the shots, edit the video. Editing is about timing and technique – not the quality of the images. So try an interview. Point phone or camera at the subject and ask them questions. Then when they're gone point the camera at yourself and ask the questions again. Then shoot some selfie like images of you nodding, and looking as if you are listening. Then edit the interview. For fun, listen to the answers you got, and then shoot yourself asking very different ones, but use the answers from the original questions. See if you can make it convincing.

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      Well you can easily practice with all the free stock footage at which actually has a lot of great footage. As for Idea’s and learning I highly suggest watching through some good video playlists on vimeo for creative Idea’s and techniques to use.

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