how to make video like this?

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. i want to create a video like this. anyone know how to do?

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The color changes are probably just key-frame commands to saturate or de-saturate still clips -- i.e., add or delete color from the clip. The text block appears to be nothing more than dissolves from one block to the next.

My guess would be that there are commercial products on the market that are designed to produce material like this. Of course it could be done in an editing program but it would take more time than I would be willing to devote to it.

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Taking some time, getting the Pictures needed, assembling them on timeline, do the key-framing needed, then the one thing I would have a serious problem with, is the 3 written languages that are on the screen, but that is up to you. Now ad the song, I would hope you could sing it without seeing the words and put the words in title program that has no background. Time I say you spend if your well versed in all that is needed to be done, it should take the better part of 10 hours just on the computer and add in the time it takes to get the pictures.


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