how to make the characters (characters only) blurry in the video

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      Hello Everyone. I am new to this forum and so to video making. I have signed up for a short story competition. Some characters who will be acting in this short film wants to stay anonymous so i want to make the characters a bit blurry so they can not be recognized. I am very new to this please tell me some simple and easy techniques which i can use. I will be filming this in day-light plus i do not want the background to appear blurry, Its just the characters.I will be really appreciate your help!

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      Sort of a COPS look?  

      The exact workflow is different based on your editing system. The idea is the same regardless, create an effect layer and mask out the sections of the screen you want to occlude.  Move the mask as the people move.  There are plugins that make it a bit easier by including some motion tracking capabilities.  On a basic editing system, no plugins, etc, it can eat up some time especially if there is a lot of movement.


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