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      Hi videomakers,


      i am a long time reader here, but did not register until now. I hope to get an answer to my question:


      I made some Timelapse photography in Spain and Italy last month. Lots of landscapes but also public places. Now in editing i need to make people e.g. on a plaza or a street unrecognisable. I tried several blur techniques, the problem is: the environment should stay clear, just the people should be blured. Any ideas how to achieve this?  I am using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Suite. Thanks a lot!

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      Keyframe the blur to follow the people. Don't make the blur any larger than the person's head.


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      and make it gentle – complete obliteration is unnecessary. To be honest,though, I'd not bother. If the video was shot in a foreign country, and that's not the main country of publication, then you'd be very surprised if anyone found the video to spot themselves, and even if they did, only a small percentage would complain, and that's difficult if the video is in another country. Google maps, for instance – blob out most people, but still miss others, like my mum who is clearly visible and identifiable when the Google car went past her house, staring at it through her window. Blobbing looks horrible, and unless necessary, isn't that useful? After all, it's not strictly speaking even required by most European law, just considered good practice.


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      May I ask why you want to make the faces unrecognizable? 

      There are generally no copyright restrictions against recording in public.



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      I would suggest you to take a look at country s laws about public filming. Some countries do not requie bluring faces if it is shot in public place with more people on the shot.

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