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      I don't know how to make number runs automatically like this one. Do we have to code? Can anyone know and show me the tutorials about it? Thanks all!


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      Hey aptx91,


      There are a few ways you could do this. The quick and dirty (not really quick if you are doing a lot of numbers like on the video) would be to use your titling section of your editor. Most will allow you to create text without a background aka transparent. You would then type in the number change the parameters such as color, placement, drop shadow, and the like. Then you could copy and paste that event/slide several more times and change the numbers as desired this would give you the same effect as what is shown. You will probably also want to add some sort of transition between each slide I would use something like a dissolve to smooth it out or you might get artsy and do a morph. There are a few other ways to do this most of which are more complicated and judging by your question about coding I think you are probably not ready for an advanced lesson. 



      Now if your like me I learn best by seeing and doing not reading so here is a video it is geared to "lower thirds" but it is the same basic principle as what I have just described to you:



      Best of luck!




      P.S. If you run into problems or have more questions it might be helpful to know what you are working with? What is your editing software they are all a bit different and might be able to give a more specific answer.

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      The video looks like someone spent time with a titler creating each number. You can actually create a single title, format it the way you want it, then duplicate it a bunch of times. Edit the number in each duplicate and drop the titles on the video.

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      Clay Stevens

      I come into similar condition and look at this post. Really many thanks to you APTX and Justin.

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      APTX91 – The technique I've used in the past for this type of effect is an expression in Adobe After Effects. There are a couple of different ways of doing this. Here are two that I've found useful:


      • Number Counter by Viper Creates –

      • Universal Counter and Currency Formatter by Dan Ebbert –


      The first link is probably more in line with the example you provided. The second link is a bit more complicated but also provides more options.


      After Effects is not an easy software to learn, but with a few tutorals and a little practice you could definitely create a counter for your project. There are quite a few sites out there that have really excellent video tutorials. Two of my favorites is Video Copilot – and aetut+ –


      Best of luck on your project!

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