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      Hi to all on the forum,

      I had been asked to make a promo video of a desktop program. Guys have only a concept and a prototype of that program, which is far away from the concept πŸ™‚

      They also have design mockups of their future interface.

      But here is the problem I've ran into: they want to show the working experience in the promo. The guy in the video must sit in front of a computer and work in the interface of a program.

      I have one solutions in my mind:

      1. Animate mockups in the AE (user opens up a file, works with it, etc). Make a fake running program.
      2. Run that video on a screen 
      3. Capture the man in front of the screen looking at animated interface and faking mouse movements

      Turned out, there are no video players that hide working panels and show just video itself (fullscreen doesn't fit). Or I just haven't found one.

      Thanks for your help in advance!

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