How to make dynamic texts blend as part of the original video?

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      Hi guys,
      I have a specific need to add and edit texts in perfect motion for short clips. I am not sure how to do it! :-).  Anyway I tried researching anything related to it but all I got were 'adding texts to videos', like how to add texts with different effects… but really very different in nature of what I am looking for which seems to be more advanced in nature, let me explain.
      I want to be able to add, text in particular parts of a video or animation, as it were part of the original scene, so as the scenes or objects move the text would also move and get adjusted at every single frame… I thought I could just program a pathway for an inserted text, however I didn't find any effect or solution for that.
      A final example: Imagine a short clip with a man reading a newspaper, obviously with the newspaper moving around, I would like to add a headline for example in the news paper as it was part of the original scene, and change the text positions in time to adjust to the changing frames, rotating, getting it smaller or bigger in accordance with the papers movements, as at in the final product, you would have an impression that what we wrote was actually in the original scene.
      Someone mention that it would basically be like an CGI ? not sure…
      Let me know if there is a easy way to produce this effect and which software would be the best to take the challenge.
      Much appreciated for your time!


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      I don't know of an "easy" way to do this. You could keyframe the text but this would require a frame by frame adjustment of the text position. It may be possible to use motion tracking software — After Effects, Premiere Pro, for example — and I'm sure there are many other programs as well. A quick check of Google leads to quite a few; you should check these out to see if any will do what you want, within your budget.

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