How to hook 2 lavaliers mics to my camcorder?

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      Hi, I am new to this video-world.


      I have a camcorder with one Mic In jack. I can connect my one lavalier mic to this Mic In and the sound gets recorded throught the mic. 


      My question is: How can I connect 2 lavalier mics to my camcorder when it only has one Mic In?


      I am not going to do anything crazy. It is just a 3-4 minute video with 2 actors talking and thats it.


      Is there a way to do it? If it is not too much to ask, since I am not familiar with video "terms", therefor that would be very helpful to me if you would add a link to the device you are mentioning so that i can see what it is.



      Many Thanks


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      You can of course get a small mixer.  Beachtek and a number of other companies make units specifically designed for this purpose.  The best thing about using a mixer is the ability to adujust each mic level seperately before they go 'into' the camcorder.  Another alternative is to use a audio splitter plug or cable.  These units are small and inexpensive, costing less than $10.  You want one that has two mini-plug (3.5mm) female MONO inputs and one male mini-plug STEREO output.  When you plug this into the camcorder you'll end up getting one mic going to the left stereo channel and the other going to the right stereo channel…so when you go to edit you can split the stereo track and end up with two usable audio channels! The only downside is you cannot adjust the levels seperately when recording.  Turning up or down the input level effects both sides of the stereo input being recorded, but you can of course fiddle with this in post production.  I've used this method many times with favorable results, even with wireless mics.


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      using the shown image (the adaptor you have) will NOT give you to distinc stereo files…


      one nic will be in the left channel (mono)


      the second mic will be in the right channel (mono)…


      are you certain your mics are stereo? would help if you give us the brand and model # 






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      Yes, I got 2 mono files. I used After Effects and made it "stereo" afterwards. Thanks everyone!

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      Something like this you mean?$_57.JPG


      Using this, will I get 2 normal stereo audio files from each microphone?


      I have a similar one but mine is silver , the one in the photo is gold.



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