how to format to make blu ray??

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      I am recording hockey with my Sony handy cam in HD. When I copy to my pc it is saved as an MPG file I got a blu ray burner and I wish to copy it to that.

      To make a blue ray disk that I can play on my TV in the blue ray player with blu ray res of  1920  x 1080 my research tells me I should format it as an ISO file for this.

      I bought video pad video editor and there customer support is not helpful.

      When I use that program to create a data disk on my blue ray burner it gives me diffrent file formats to use: avi    wmv   asf   mpg   3gp   mp4   mov   flv   swf    rm

      not sure which ones to use, how can i get my mpg file to the proper format to make a blu ray?


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      did you get software with the burner

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      MP4 sounds like a reasonable choice


      Rick Crampton

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      Thanks for the reply's


      I made a shorrt disk chosing the mp4 format.


      but my blu ray player says "no readable content on disk"




      the software with the burner was just what was downloaded


      when i upgraded from trial version to the $30 version.





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      you may be outputting a data disk check all your settings to make sure

      also you should be able to add your files direct from you camera to your burning software without converting them its alway frustrating when you start with new software so keep trying


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