how to fix mts file?

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      I’m having trouble with an mts file. Its a 13 minute interview I shot a few months ago. It shows that its 2.2 gig. It will play for about 1:12 then freezes. I initially transferred it from the card to 2 hard-drives. I spot checked properties, and played it on Media Player, but didn’t play the whole thing. Just played 10 seconds or so to see how it looked. Then I reformatted the card for another shoot. Can anyone suggest a fix or am I out of luck?

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      Try playing it in VLC player. Try importing it into your edit program. Try running it through Handbrake. Try using Google Chrome Video Converter (on-line) to change your file to a format such as AVI.

      None of these will work if the file is actually corrupt, but all are worth a try.

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