How to fit High Rez file on DVD

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      Hi, I have a problem I was hoping someone here might know how to resolve.  I recently made a 1 hour film that I shot at 1080p, resulting in a final file size of around 7 GB.  A relative of mine really wants to see the movie, but he is old and does not own a Blu Ray player, so I want to burn him a DVD copy.  Problem is, the blank DVDs I have only hold 4.38 GB.  Not only that, but the max resolution of a DVD is 720×480, as far as I know.

      I'm not even sure how to phrase my question, because I have a very limited understanding of all of this, but basically, if I change the resolution to 720×480, won't I part of the picture be cropped out?  Is there a way to lower the resolution without losing part of the pcture?

      Or, basically, how can I fit this onto a DVD while losing as little as possible?

      I have Adobe Premiere currently, so if there's something I can do with that, please let me know.  Maybe I need some other software to compress the file or something…I dunno.  Thanks!

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      DVD is limited to standard-definition resolution, so either 720×480 for NTSC or 720×576 for PAL.  

      You DVD creation software should be able to downscale your video, or another option would be to just output a DV-AVI/MOV SD Widescreen filefrom your editing software and import that into your DVD software.


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      David Doty

      Hi Arachosia – To make a DVD for your relative take the following steps : 1 Open your timeline in Premiere. 2 Go to File / Export Media. 3 In the export settings box that pops up the first thing you have to do is on the upper left of the export setting box select scale to fill. 4 On the top right side of the export settings box select the format as MPEG 2-DVD. 5 Just under that set the preset to NTSC DV Wide Progressive. 6 Midway down the right hand side you will see more setting for effects, video, audio and multiplexer, etc. 7 Select video – move the quality slider to 100% then scroll down to bitrate settings and set bit rate encoding to VBR 2 pass ( better encoding quality ). 8 Click on the audio tab and set the audio format to be MPEG ( Saves about 25% space compared to PCM ). 9 Click the multiplexing tab and under multiplexer settings select DVD. 10 In the middle of the export setting box on the right side you will see a line that says Output Name – your file name will be there – click that to setup a place to export your file ( not your operating system drive – it may cause problems if you do not have a second drive on your system you can use a external hard drive. Then click export -this will create a single MPEG File with a standard def widescreen video file with the audio embedded in it. From there I use Adobe Encore CS 6 ( which is free to download if you have Adobe Cloud or earlier versions of Premiere ) to create the DVD. There are many other DVD creation software packages but I prefer Encore. Any questions – feel free to get back to me here or at Glad to help






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      Just make a timeline that is 720p and rescale the footage to match the timeline size, premiere probably even does it automatically, then export at 720p. Heck even just exporting to 720p should downsize the resolution for you.

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