How to edit unnecessary noise out of film?

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      So I just recently filmed for my final in my film class. While filming there was a continuous buzzing noise from the camera, but I just thought that it wouldn't show up when I uploaded the video, because there was another sound going on that didnt show up. Anyway, the buzzing, and not the humming the camera is going (beep beep beep) when it's quiet and under when the characters are talking. Is there anyway I can edit the beeping out without having to rerecord. It's in a lot of scenes and I don't want my actors to have to do everything over. This is literally my grade!!! Please help!!

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      They should have taught you this all in film class. I can't say without seeing and hearing the clip but if the "Beep" isn't while there is any vocals being recorded, you should be able to clip it out in just about anything. Try Audacity to clean your audio of the clip. You can always do some ADR with just one or two actors.

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      What software are you using? I use Adobe and can remove background noise quite easily.

      Here is a video on the process.



      Good luck.

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      Good question and a good response. Dagunner, love your video tutorial! The right length, concise editing (no overly fancy gimmicks, either!) and very fine graphical example of the subject. Thanks for the excellent video – it was so good I subscribed to your channel. Think I'll take a run through your videos. Love your style so I know I'll learn some good stuff!

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